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steam failed to contact key server offline mode

smtp error: failed to connect to server: connection refused (111) smtp connect() failed.

failed to authenticate the current user against the selected services tier datastage

connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com failed

kali linux armitage tutorial

apt-get update connection failed

netlimiter 4 service failed to start

failed to create d3d device steam

failed to start the virtual machine (error -18).

failed to create listen socket filezilla

a flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version id

failed to find module 'vboxdrv' fedora 23

synergy could not get session id for process id

smbpasswd failed to find entry for user

failed to lock the file (40003) (0x2013)

polkit.service failed

failed to initialize the common language runtime (clr) v2.0.50727 with hresult 0x80004005

hitman absolution failed to initialize directx 11 fix

failed to initialize directx

directx failed to initialize please install the correct drivers for your video card

failed to load expression host assembly. details could not load file or assembly

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