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Could Not Connect To Docbase

You should also flush the query cache. DM_SESSION_E_BAD_TICKET "The following '%s' is not a valid ticket definition." CAUSE: User has specified an invalid definition for a ticket. Action: Check command syntax - check that facility name is upper case. Action: Specify a valid state name for the business policy object. Source

PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_F_CACHE_MAP] SEVERITY: FATAL DESCRIPTION: An unexpected internal error has occurred while processing a cached query. ACTION: Provide a complete connect statement. Cause: The specified operation not supported on this type of sysobject. ACTION: None. read this post here

This operation requires a server of at least version (%s) Cause: You can only connect to a docbase with a higher version." Action: Provide the accessor permit. PARAMETERS: The user name, docbase base, plugin identifier and error message. Cause: Since attach,promote,demote,suspend,continue all inlvolve some form of procedure execution in which the sysobject changes are committed. The authentication failed"; DM_SESSION_E_CHK_LDAP_BIND "User (%s) with user OS name (%s) couldn't bind to the LDAP server.

Please provide a value for %s. ACTION: Retry with a valid severity level (0 ~ 4). Currently, base means demoting to base base state previous means demoting to the original state. Lower bound: (%lu), upper bound: (%lu).

Cause: You have specified an object id for an object which cannot be accessed. First, try to find out whether you can connect to your docbroker host / port. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NO_USER] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: Need to specifiy an user. Error while performing import operation: Could not check in document 'card.txt' [DM_API_E_ACCESS]error: "Document/object specified by 27003a9980000119 cannot be accessed." [DM_API_E_DOCBASE_SCOPE_ID]error: "Could not connect to docbase.

This location object should point to directory containing the cert7.db certificate database. It must be 'global', 'docbase', or 'server'. CAUSE: We currently only support tar format file with extension tar in batch addrendition. DM_API_F_CACHE_CLOSE Severity: FATAL Message: An unexpected error has occurred while closing the query cache for your query.

DM_SESSION_W_CHANGE_CHECK_ALIVE "Change check processing was not initiated. http://osdir.com/ml/cms.documentum.user/2005-03/msg00168.html Try connecting to the docbase directly through the connect api or login. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NO_ACL_SOURCE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: The ACL inheritance source is missing. Please type your message and try again. 3 Replies Latest reply: Jul 30, 2014 12:14 AM by RameshwarRao DM_API_E_DOCBASE_SCOPE_ID]error: "Could not connect to docbase.

DM_SESSION_E_CANT_SAVE_SESSION_TYPE "Cannot save session type during session initialization." CAUSE: The program failed during database startup, because the session initialization code did not complete successfully. this contact form PARAMETERS S - api command Action: In its current state, the DMCL is no longer usable. Cause: An unknown error has caused a memory access violation. CAUSE: User tries to schedule a policy event (promote, demote, suspend, resume) without providing a source (or target) state name/position.

PARAMETERS: Parameter 1 is the database name. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_W_SERVER_NEED_RESTART] SEVERITY: WARNING DESCRIPTION: S Changes made by the apply method %s will not take effect until Content Server is restarted. Cause: The containment description must be supplied if the containment type is supplied. have a peek here Otherwise these situations would lead to inadvertant data corruption.

Cause: You have tried to fetch a folder that does not exist. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NOLAST] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: Cannot use last for document/object id. ACTION: Inform your System Administrator.


Informational message only. Where you take it from my research is up to you!! Expected version: %d, expected release: %d CAUSE: The rpcdll.dll and dmcl.dll libraries are incompatible and are different versions of the product. Being at Momentum 2004 was good being at the Presentation clean build toggle clone approach by Kapour was better.

DM_API_E_DYNAMIC_GROUP_UPDATE Severity: ERROR Message: The dynamic_groups field can be updated only by append and remove operations. Back to top Display posts from previous: All Posts1 Day7 Days2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 YearOldest FirstNewest First MyDocumentumRandomAccessMemory Forum Index -> Cabinets, Folders & Documents All times are GMT ACTION: Abort current transaction. http://awendigital.com/could-not/createuser-could-not-connect-to-database-postgres-could-not-connect-to-server.html Report and continue.

Operating System Error: (%s)." CAUSE: The program failed during user authentication, checking the external file. CAUSE: The name of the global cache to be flushed is missing from the flushglobalcache method. You must restart your session. PARAMETERS: The error string returned by the database system.

Expected version: %d, expected release: %d Cause: The rpcdll.dll and dmcl.dll libraries are incompatible and are different versions of the product. ACTION: Ensure that you are specifying the correct object id. ACTION: For custom plugins, plugin developer must specify a different codepage. Informational only.

Cause: You have provided an extra parameter in the Set, Append, Insert API for non-date attribute. CAUSE: You have specified an object id for an object which cannot be accessed. DM_SESSION_E_AUTH_PLUGIN_LOAD_INIT_ERROR "Failed to load Authentication Plugin%s.