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Could Not Connect To Docbase. Docbase Id

PARAMS: The command specified. PARAMETERS: None. The list does not allow manipulation by other operations: set, insert, truncate. ACTION: Check to make sure that the index is within bounds of the current number of attributes. http://awendigital.com/could-not/could-not-connect-to-docbase.html

DM_API_W_NO_VALUE Severity: WARNING Message: There are no values in the repeating attribute %s. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NO_EVENT_NAME] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: S No event name given for command %s. Action: Correct the command as appropriate and retry. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NO_ACL_SOURCE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: The ACL inheritance source is missing. try here

CAUSE: The specified typename is not valid. Also doublecheck your dfc.properties and your firewall settings (again) on these settings and also the global repository configuration. CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_FLUSH_REGISTRY_CACHE_NO_KEY] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: A cache key must be supplied to the flush API call when registrycache is specified. Make sure that the file format matches those listed in dm_format objects.

DM_API_E_EXPECT_BOOL Severity: ERROR Message: A null or boolean value was expected for positional parameter %d. If you think there really should have been a match reexamine your qualification, correct it, and resubmit it. When connected to a 6.5 repository, this call returns a document/object not found error followed by this error with the message: "Bad Info ID given: 2e00000000000000". Even though this does not prevent the marking of storage areas as Offline or Readonly, because the status cannot be stored in memory, the server will treat the storage area as

ACTION: Correct the command to specify the device name. PARAMS: None. The api command to turn on[/off] SQL trace is: trace,,1[/0],,SQL_TRACE CAUSE: this is the instruction for session based sql trace. over here DM_API_E_SESSION_DISABLED Severity: ERROR Message: The session was disabled on an exception, only getmessage and disconnect are allowed on a disabled session.

The 2nd parameter (type_name) is optional, but must be present if the 3rd parameter (attribute) is specified. ERROR: [DM_API_E_MUSTBE_NEXT] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: You must specify next as the state name to promote to. Confirm and manage identities. Operating System Error: (%s)." CAUSE: The program failed during user authentication, checking the external file.

ERROR: [DM_API_E_NOT_SELECT] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: You have specified an unsupported statement type in a cachequery. https://community.aveksa.com/thread/225894?start=0&tstart=0 Are you performing a full docbase dump. This will reduce network traffic and speed up your load process. ACTION: None.

DM_API_E_MISS_SRC_ACTIVITY Severity: ERROR Message: Missing parameter source activity. this contact form You will soon be at an api command prompt. use telnet to ping the content server machine with the port 1489 (if you havent changed the port) Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 2. ACTION: Remove the extra parameter.

Consult the following error message(s) for more help. CAUSE: You have not specified an event name during event register/unregister operation. ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_MISS_PACKAGE_TYPE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: Parameter, package type, is missing. have a peek here ACTION: Check that the dm_server_config.

DM_SESSION_E_PASSWORD_CHECK_SE2 "Operating System Failure during user validation using External Password Checking program: (%s). Is it multi platform the mini delete solution well yes ofcourse ...developed on one but extended....its all yours EACH DAY OR WEEK I WILL POST THE BIDS AND HOW MANY RESEARCH DM_API_E_NO_EVENT_NAME Severity: ERROR Message: No event name given for command %s.

PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_API_E_NOLAST] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: Cannot use last for document/object id.

PARAMETERS: The qualification. Terms of Service.

Home | News | Sitemap | FAQ | advertise | OSDir is an Inevitable website. ACTION: None. Documentum does not overwrite objects during the load process.

ACTION: Correct the command as appropriate and retry. PARAMETERS: The handle of the session and the name of the user. The second parameter is the login ticket or token. http://awendigital.com/could-not/createuser-could-not-connect-to-database-postgres-could-not-connect-to-server.html CAUSE: The object and type specified do not agree.

ACTION: Provide this message, and the contents of the error report file, and contact your Documentum site representative. Check to be sure you get a collection back before issuing a next or close command.