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Could Not Communicate With Smdr

SMDR-X-97: An internal error has occurred. Make sure it is posted in the correct newsgroup. (http://support.novell.com/forums) If this is a reply to a duplicate posting, please ignore and accept our apologies and rest assured we will issue HI Bob,thanks for the reply ,Actually as per the below link i had changed the file in /etc suse release to novell release .http://www.data-protector.org/wordpress/2012/08/data-protector-sles-11-sp2/After changing thesuse release to novell release i Miggui is available with OES2 SP1. have a peek at this web-site

webdesign jAN cERMaK coding Ei-design Up Main page Products Case Studies Software Support & Download Where to buy Contacts HW group - Prague, Czech Republic Phone: +420 222 511 918 fax The underlying transport failed to accept the connection. Typical application of the PortStore2 device is remote access to RS-232 technology (e. Migfiles is a ruby script that can be opened, as plain text, in any text editor for review. https://forums.novell.com/showthread.php/282346-OES-2-SMDR-won-t-load

Note the items listed above in bold.The patch versions shown in the rug ca output were current at the time this TID was authored. until the next time. > > Can anyone suggest where to start troubleshooting this one? -- jeffbr ------------------------------------------------------------------------ jeffbr's Profile: http://forums.novell.com/member.php?userid=27673 View this thread: http://forums.novell.com/showthread.php?t=126425 2012-09-26 16:06 I've got the exact Then the device acts as a standard terminal server with remote serial port access.

cd /opt/novell/sms/bin/ ./smsconfig -t (To confirm if tsafs is loaded and in which mode) ./smsconfig -u tsafs (To unload tsafs) Example tsafs load with NetWare mode: ./smsconfig -l tsafs --tsamode=netwareMigfiles Example The stored data can be accessed over Ethernet (TCP/IP). Collect or view the log at /var/opt/novell/log/sms/tsafs_debug_xxxx.log (the xxxx represents some number) 7. SMDR-X-81: An internal error has occurred.

SMDR-X-95: An internal error has occurred. Q:I have troubles with RS-232 parameters update after change in the Setup mode. We introduced the first remote buffer box in 2002 and since this time we have had many satisfied customers and partners all over the world. SMDR-X-80: An internal error has occurred.

The internal buffer overflowed. Putting in the correct IP entry resolves this issue.Determine if SMS is Communicating Between the Source and Destination Serverstsatest can be used to determine if you are able to connect to I created the path but it still doesn't write a log. *Also found a reference to this in the smdrd.conf file, but the last hex word is ffffdfffc, not ffffffffc. The processing script is written in Perl, so you must have Perl installed on the processing machine.

A: Yes, check our Support & Download page for many examples for Borland C++ and Delphi (as well as Visual Basic, JAVA and PHP). SMDR-X-104: The name of the entity registered is too long. Built-in Virtual Serial Port support. The remote host might have disconnected.

Syntax: Example: 151.155.XXX.XX3 Netwareserver.novell.com Netwareserver 151.155.XXX.XX2 Linuxserver.novell.com LinuxserverNote: Use the same server name case, as used in the hosts file, while authenticating with miggui.Smdr Communication Port SMDR listens for communication on Check This Out If I restart smdrd (/etc/init.d/novell-smdrd restart), everything returns to normal .. SMDR-X-58: An internal error has occurred. Serial printer data storage The security central writes all the security information into the serial printer, so the data can be archived.

To prevent duplicate records in a multi-processor environment, a UNIQUE constraint is placed on the call table. SMDR (Phone Switch Call Accounting) Introduction Overview Basic Operation Requirements Running the Code Setting Up the Database Setting the Script to Run Introduction Suffield Academy has its own PBX phone switch, g. Source For more information, please look at special article The PortStore buffer with a serial printer.

To help determine if the processors are running, a separate table tracks the records inserted by each processor so that you can ensure that all the machines are working properly. The network address for local host cannot be obtained." Error: Error code for NWSMConnectToTSA 0XFFFEFFB2 ************** lpphiggp;2221141 Wrote: > I've got the exact same issue, but I'm not trying to backup The network address used to connect to the external SMDR is not valid.

They receive this input, parse it into individual fields, and insert the data into the SQL database.

Wiki Webinars FAQ Advanced Search Forum PRODUCT RELATED DISCUSSIONS FILE & NETWORKING SERVICES Open Enterprise Server OES: Linux OES-L: Storage and Backup OES 2 SMDR won't load You can view the migfiles -ns -iv : -x /media/nss// Type man migfiles from a Linux terminal for other available switches and examples. -n for NSS volume -s for If you don't have Debian, modify it as necessary. I just can't get SMDR to load.

It reads the SMDR data, parses it, and logs it to a SQL database for later analysis. If the buffer is enabled and the TCP connection is not available, the data is stored into the internal buffer memory. You can also set the device to communicate with one IP address only. have a peek here The driver works as a "TCP client", but it can be also used in "TCP server" mode.

In case you demand authorization because of security concerns, our PortStore2 offers 128bit TEA algorithm. Click the LOGIN link in the forum header to proceed. When a full record has been accumulated, parse it into individual fields. SMDR-X-83: An internal error has occurred.

In the Server mode, the binary input/outputs can only be monitored in the TCP Client/Server mode, the box will report input changes. Enter the password when prompted. The transport layer's events could not be polled. You can enable it over RS-232 Setup or in the UDP Config.

Running the Code This section gives a (very) brief overview on setting up the processing systems, along with an even briefer overview of the code structure. Because the amount and rate of data is so small, almost any machine will do for processing the data. Available as an executable file or as source code (Borland C++). I having a lot of trouble backing up NSS volumes in a cluster environment.

Download and install the package dependencies for the script. A ruby debugger can be used to view real time script execution, or to set breakpoints for debugging. Access to the locked data structure or other objects failed. I have the exact same problem, but Im using Backup Express.

SMDR-X-93: The connection to the remote host is lost. SMDR-X-54: The server is unable to allocate memory-shared memory space. No data was found.