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Configure: Error: Png.h Not Found. Centos


Found apxs2 sbin: /usr/bin/apxs2 ===> Applying patch - apxs2 module version name ... ===> Configuring 5.4.22... The server is up-to-date (updated today). Please check your libxml2 installation. PCRE is required and available from http://pcre.org/ What am I doing wrong? navigate here

sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev configure: error: sasl.h not found! I ended up compiling libiconv, gd, and pcre myself then using the following to compile: ./configure '--prefix=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22' '--with-config-file-path=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/etc' '--with-config-file-scan-dir=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/var/db' '--with-pear=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/lib/php' '--disable-all' '--enable-phar' '--enable-session' '--enable-short-tags' '--enable-tokenizer' '--with-zlib=/usr' '--with-iconv=/usr/local' '--with-iconv-dir=/usr/local' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr' '--with-png-dir=/usr' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' Why wouldn't the part of the Earth facing the Sun a half year before be facing away from it now at noon? Check config.log for additional information. http://www.lifelinux.com/error-compiling-php-on-centos-x64/

Configure: Error: Png.h Not Found. Centos

Fix: yum install libc-client-devel checking for pg_config… not found configure: error: Cannot find libpq-fe.h. I need its 5th version. I saw gd takes --with-iconv-dir instead of --with-iconv I will add the option for it. [Sent from iPhone] Yo-An lin [email protected] ©ó 2013/12/8 15:34 ¼g¹D¡G php -m to see if iconv Fix: yum install mysql-devel Reply Leo says: November 3, 2014 at 8:57 am configure: error: snmp.h not found.

But I was wondering if I could share with you the problems I had with your error VI and how I found the solution (I got stuck for many many hours When I run grep command, I get: /* #undef COMPILE_DL_ICONV / / #undef HAVE_BSD_ICONV / / #undef HAVE_GICONV_H / #define HAVE_GLIBC_ICONV 1 / #undef HAVE_IBM_ICONV / #define HAVE_ICONV 1 / #undef Count the characters - bit by bit! Configure: Error: Cannot Find Enchant was the issue 🙂 thank you Reply Arunlal Ashok says: August 24, 2016 at 1:55 am You're most welcome, Usman!

pick one from phpbuild folder and copy to /usr/local/lsws/lsphp5/lib/ . Use tail command to see what's going on: $ tail -f /opt/phpbrew/build/php-5.4.22/build.log ./configure '--prefix=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22' '--with-config-file-path=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/etc' '--with-config-file-scan-dir=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/var/db' '--with-pear=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/lib/php' '--disable-all' '--enable-phar' '--enable-session' '--enable-short-tags' '--enable-tokenizer' '--with-pcre-regex' '--with-zlib=/usr' '--with-libdir=lib/i386-linux-gnu' '--enable-gd-native-ttf' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr' '--with-png-dir=/usr' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--with-mysql=mysqlnd' '--with-mysqli=mysqlnd' You can install them like so: sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev and then try and install Phalcon again For CentOS you will need to use sudo yum install pcre-devel Credits: @xgretsch For Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

I have a new issue now. Configure: Error: Please Reinstall The Libcurl Distribution Fix:- #yum install libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel configure: error: xslt-config not found. You can try to take care of them in one shot, if you don't care too much about installing a little too much compared to what is really needed: sudo apt-get Congrats!

Configure: Error: Jpeglib.h Not Found.

This site is not affiliated with Linus Torvalds or The Open Group in any way. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Configure: Error: Png.h Not Found. Centos Note that the MySQL client library is not bundled anymore! Configure: Error: Freetype-config Not Found. Thanks For Your article about PHP compilation errors & Fix Work on Linux .

But now when I want to run PHPMyAdmin I get this error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required './libraries/dbi/mysqli.dbi.lib.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lsws/lsphp5/lib/php') in /usr/local/lsws/path/phpmyadmin/libraries/database_interface.lib.php oClick to expand... check over here You can read more about options you want (or don't want) to include in PHP core configure options documentation. Reply July 31, 2012 at 3:39 pm blackmart apk Android says: Wow, incredible blog layout! Get out of the transit airport at Schengen area and the counting of Schengen period Shortest auto-destructive loop How to include multimedia files in beamer Does Wand of the War Mage Configure: Error: Freetype.h Not Found.

Why is the electric field due to a charged infinite cylinder identical to that produced by an infinite line of charge? How long have you been blogging for? Note that the MySQL client library is not bundled anymore! http://awendigital.com/configure-error/configure-error-dba-could-not-find-necessary-header-file-s.html alanhartless commented Dec 8, 2013 I tried compiling iconv from source and added +iconv=/usr/local but get same error: ./configure '--prefix=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22' '--with-config-file-path=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/etc' '--with-config-file-scan-dir=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/var/db' '--with-pear=/opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/lib/php' '--enable-xml' '--disable-all' '--enable-phar' '--enable-session' '--enable-short-tags' '--enable-tokenizer' '--with-pcre-regex' '--with-zlib=/usr'

Due to the fact that I'm compiling on Debian the name of the packages change a little bit. Configure Error Can Not Find Recode H Anywhere Under Usr Usr Local Usr Opt HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable The file is already fully retrieved; nothing to do. ===> php-5.4.22.tar.bz2 downloaded. patching file configure Hunk #1 succeeded at 39423 (offset 210 lines).

ext/gmp/gmp.c: In function ‘zif_gmp_random’: ext/gmp/gmp.c:1399:69: error: ‘__GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB’ undeclared (first use in this function) ext/gmp/gmp.c:1399:69: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in This time it's

configure: error: Could not find pcre.h in /usr **ERROR** Could not configure PHP buildClick to expand... For all you Drupallers out there - you successfully managed to change this: into this: Well done! I wanted to try it out on my debian server because I tried it before on some shared host and liked it. Configure: Error: Could Not Find Net-snmp-config Binary. Please Check Your Net-snmp Installation. Solution: yum install net-snmp-devel ERROR XV : checking whether to enable XMLWriter support… yes, shared checking for xml2-config path… (cached) /usr/bin/xml2-config checking whether libxml build works… (cached) yes checking for XSL

Triath'Nature Berck Visited Berck for an off-road Triath'Nature sprint triathlon. Stay logged in LiteSpeed Support Forums Forums > LiteSpeed Web Server > Install/Configuration > Forums Forums Quick Links Search Forums Recent Posts Members Members Quick Links Notable Members Current Visitors Recent By installing: # yum install libjpeg-devel Reply Taras says: September 18, 2015 at 11:50 am … configure: error: freetype-config not found. # yum install freetype-devel Reply Taras says: September 18, 2015 http://awendigital.com/configure-error/configure-error-readline-header-files-are-required.html Let's then search what we can find in available packages, what could help us resolve this issue: $ apt-cache search libxml2 | grep dev
libcroco3-dev - Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing

I guess the default prefix on Ubuntu Linux should be "/usr", not "/usr/local". You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed. But when I try to run any script which works with MySQL (PHPMyAdmin for example) I get just a white blank page. DISABLE IMAP configure: error: Cannot find pspell yum install aspell-devel.x86_64 configure: error: Cannot find libtidy yum install libtidy.x86_64 libtidy-devel.x86_64 error: xslt-config not found.

NiteWave, Aug 3, 2010 #4 KXP New Member Ok I installed libxml2-dev and it really worked. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Member c9s commented Dec 8, 2013 don't apologize, brew me a drink! Reload to refresh your session.

For example CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib ./configure Does that help? configure: error: Cannot find libpq-fe.h. Writing variant info to /opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.4.22/phpbrew.variants Build Directory: /opt/phpbrew/build/php-5.4.22 PHP Version lower than 5.4.0 can only build one SAPI at the same time. +apxs2 is in conflict with cgi Disabling cgi Enabled Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2010 KXP, Aug 2, 2010 #1 NiteWave Administrator build lsphp5 yourself: lsws admin console --> Actions --> Compile PHP NiteWave, Aug 2, 2010

asked 2 years ago viewed 43270 times active 6 months ago Linked 0 Phalcon install give error on ubuntu 52 sudo pecl install apc returns error 0 PHP Phalcon installation error You have to edit file ext/gmp/gmp.c and replace one occurence of __GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB with GMP_LIMB_BITS, in my case it was in line 1399. yum install php-mysql.x86_64 mysql-devel.x86_64 configure: error: Please reinstall the BZip2 distribution yum install bzip2-devel.x86_64 configure: error: utf8_mime2text() has new signature, but U8T_CANONICAL is missing.